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If you're looking for rehabilitation or relaxation you've come to the right place. I specialize in deep remedial bodywork and gentle DNM (see below) techniques that aim to get you pain free and back to full fitness as quickly as possible.
        Deep tissue massage
Ideal for people whose occupations require long hours sat at computers or those that already know it's deep bodywork that gets the results that last!
      Sports massage
For the professional sports person or those venturing back into the gym, make sure your muscles are ready to perform at their best!
Once again the Ealing half marathon was a wonderful event. Congratulations to everyone who completed the course especially clients James Steel, Tony Shilling, Rhonda Siddal and Caroline Kinsman.
2016 London marathon Soraya achieved 3hrs
36 mins PB for the marathon ! 
         Trigger Point Therapy
If you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, Trigger Point Therapy can offer solutions for a wide range of problems that may not have responded to previous treatments. Eg Chronic back pain,Frozen shoulder, Dowagers hump, Migraine, chronic pelvic pain, RSI, Fibromyalgia, Scar tissue, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Dupuytrens contracture and Sacroiliac joint disfunction.
This is my specialty treatment, by using slow sustained thumb pressure into the contracted muscle segments, the
neuromuscular  system is induced into releasing the contracted segment thereby allowing a return to normal function.
This technique is a much favoured by clients who do not like being cracked or clicked into position as it has a much greater relaxation effect on the targeted tissues. All treatments are performed within the client's comfort range for pressure. Claire Davies Trigger point therapy workbook is an excellent guide to self help for trigger points. Please see links and articles page.


Is a very gentle technique that works on chronic pain conditions by calming the CNS via nerves in the skin. 
This technique is relatively new to my practice, but it is already improving outcomes and gaining in popularity with my clients.
and go to page 88 for more information.

NB. Fellow Therapists interested in learning and experiencing more about this technique please contact me, I would be delighted to explain more.

Charges are
 £30 per 30 mins or £60 per hour for all the above treatments.

 Payment is cheque or cash only.
Cancellation is permitted with 24hrs notice or full fee charged.
07956 664285 
Stephen Jeffrey LCSP registered Therapist (1997) Please check my  registration via link below.

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